Three Reasons Why I Am Starting A Youtube Channel

Posted on June 21, 2017 in India/ Video
Starting a Youtube Channel is a beautiful, yet challenging journey

It seems like everybody wants to start a Youtube channel these days and, honestly, there’s really nothing wrong with that. I think it’s a very human thing to want to tell stories, to share your interests with others and find connection in the world. The internet has only made that easier for people.

Before I embark on my Youtube journey, I thought it would be smart for me to take a moment to hash out why exactly I want to start a Youtube channel. I’ve frequently heard that finding your “why” ― the purpose behind your actions ― will allow for creativity and originality to flow naturally into one’s work. In addition, addressing the intentions and goals behind my channel will only make my vision for content creation more clear.

If I am really being honest with myself, why do I want to start a Youtube channel?


Reason #1: It Serves As My Creative Outlet

This past year has been one wild ride for me. I became a full-time middle school core teacher halfway through the school year without any prior knowledge or training. Although I felt supported by the administration and staff, there’s no denying that it was a tough gig for a first-timer. I am beyond thankful for that hands-on experience because it really has solidified my decision to go down the teaching path. It also taught me a great number of things about myself. For instance, it reminded me of the importance of actively nurturing creative pursuits that in no way relate to my job or career. Meaning: It’s important to have a life outside your profession.

I have always been a creative person in need of some outlet to productively put my energy into. For someone like myself, flexing my creative muscles and nourishing invention is extremely rejuvenating and therapeutic. Creating videos and regularly keeping up with posting on my blog will combine so many of my interests into one hobby and invigorate my sense of self. From travel to true crime to wine, my interests are so wide and varied. Youtube is, in my opinion, the perfect platform to integrate everything together.


Reason #2: It Provides Moments of Reflection

Fairly recently, I have found the idea of journaling very off-putting. I used to log everything in my journal during my travels; I really tried not to miss any part of my day. Now, I rarely find myself inspired to write in my journal in an introspective way. Nonetheless, I still desire a way to catalog my personal development and growth. This is where videos come into play.

With video, I find there’s a lot more flexibility to capture emotion and memory. I am really excited to explore this medium with my objective primarily on reflection and introspection at the center of each and every one of my videos.


Reason #3: It Will Keep Me Accountable

As I mentioned in reason number one, I have always been a creative person. Simultaneously, I have also always been a pretty lazy person. Guilty as charged. There are countless content-related projects I have been yearning to do that have been swimming around in my mind without much action going toward realizing them. There are literal and figurative stacks of books I have been aching to read for years now. I have lists upon lists of travel destinations that are calling my name.

Having a platform to proclaim my goals to the Universe, having a visual representation of my long-term plans and holding myself accountable to the creation of necessary habits ― these are my main reasons for starting a Youtube channel.

I don’t need to have a list a million miles long with reasons why I want to start a Youtube channel or do anything in life, for that matter. All I really need is a thoughtful and honest understanding of what I really want to get out of something I’m putting time and energy into. My Youtube Channel will serve as one long, enduring letter to the Universe.


Here’s a sneak peak of my first video series, “Travel Talk,” coming to my channel later this week!

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